A Mini-band circuit for a Tremendous Glute Pump.

If you are an office worker or sit most of the day on your butt stays in a position that is slightly stretched, when a muscle is in a stretched position it shuts off allowing for a greater range of motion. If you spend most of the day in a position where your glutes are shut off then you should incorporate exercises to turn the glutes back on. I recommend training your glutes three times per week. I like to use this circuit in-between the warm up and actual workout with my clients here in Toronto. The only piece of equipment you need is a mini-band so you could do these exercises just about anywhere.

The circuit;

  1. Glute Bridges with mini band at the knees
  2. Monster walks with mini band at the feet
  3. Sumo walks with mini band at the feet

Pick reps and sets based on your current fitness level. Build up from your baseline every two weeks. Monster walks and sumo walks should be measured in distance.

According to a study by Ed Cambridge,  the best placement for the mini bands if you are looking to active the gluteus maximus muscle is around the feet as shown here:




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